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ATHA Biennial–Cleveland

Registration Confirmation

The ATHA Biennial Committee has sent a Registration confirmation to all those who signed up.  This registration was sent via U.S. Mail this week. If you signed up for the Biennial and haven’t received a confirmation, please contact Teri Hedrick at  They are also sending the registrations out via an email. That email will come from

Call for Rugs for the Fiber Arts Exhibit 

It would be great to have many areas represented in the Fiber Arts Exhibit at the Biennial.  And, of course, we want Region 12 to be well represented.  The Fiber Arts Exhibit Form may be found on the ATHA website.If you are attending, please consider bringing a rug or other fiber art project. This is the best way to inspire others, demonstrate that this is not “latch hook”, and all of the wonderful things you can do with wool. Thank you in advance for your participation.


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Coming Events in ATHA Region 12

Caswell Impressions

Just a few of the Caswell Impressions rugs.

Before getting to coming events, I’d like to update you on the Caswell Impressions Rug Show at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat.  Camp attendees had the privilege of viewing this impressive display of rugs laid out in groupings based on color.  Laura Pierce talked about the Caswell Carpet, her design process, and the rug hookers who participated in this show.  The public was also invited to see these rugs.

One night, some of the Wool Poppies rearranged the rugs to reflect the placement of the blocks in the original Caswell Carpet arrangement and then surprised Laura.  It was a great surprise and so fun to see.

The last showing of the Caswell Carpet Impressions Rug Show will be at Sauder Village, August 14-19, 2017, in Archbold, Ohio.  The rugs will then be returned to their makers.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

California’s First Chapter of ATHA Annual Harvest Hook-in

“In Full Leaf”

Magnolia Center Church of Christ, Riverside, CA.

November 11, 2017

Fiber Handmades Boutique fund-raising event sponsored by San Francisco Bay Rug Hookers to be held November 11 from 10-4 at 2 Lily Lane, Alamo, CA.

The Wool Poppies proudly present

Hooker Hill Rug Retreat

July 15-19, 2018

Teachers:  Susan Feller ( and Monica Jones (

This is a non-profit ATHA sponsored rug camp located in Oakhurst, CA at the Episcopal  Conference Center (ECCO).

Registration is now open.

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Caswell Impressions Rug Show

Hooker Hill Rug Retreat 2017 is proud to announce the Caswell Impressions Rug Show.  The Caswell Carpet is an embroidered carpet made by Zeruah Higley Guernsey Caswell in 1835, which resides in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.  Laura Pierce, from Petaluma, California, drew by hand each and every block in the Caswell Carpet and transferred these drawings to linen backing and then gave them to rug hookers to finish in any way that pleased them (78 in all).    Many of ATHA Region 12 members had the opportunity to hook one of these mats.   The Caswell Impressions Rugs will be making their first East Coast appearance at Sauder Village in August and their first West Coast appearance at HHRR in Oakhurst, California, July 17 and 19.

Resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

Embroidered carpet made by Zeruah Higley Guernsey Caswell in 1835.

Caswell Impressions book, written by Laura Pierce, 2017.

You are cordially invited to come to a public showing of these magnificent mats at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat in Oakhurst, California.
Oakhurst, California is located 15 miles from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park.  The Park is enjoying one of its most bountiful waterfall years and is worth a visit.  Tag on a visit to Oakhurst on either end of your Yosemite trip.  It will be worth it to see this impressive rug show.

Caswell Impressions Rug Show 

Public Viewing

Where:  Barton Room, ECCO Conference Center, 43803 Highway 41, Oakhurst, CA


Monday, July 17, 2017, 2 to 4:00 PM

Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 3 to 5 PM

I hope to see you there!

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Fund Raiser

Our new San Francisco Bay Rug Hookers guild is having a fund raiser in November.  Just in time to purchase those handmade items for Christmas gifts.

Fiber Handmades Boutique fund-raising event sponsored by San Francisco Bay Rug Hookers to be held November 11 from 10-4 at 2 Lily Lane, Alamo, CA.

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ATHA Region 12 Announces New Workshop

Shelley Lencioni of is pleased to announce the following workshop.

Workshop May 5-6 2017 at Shelley Lencioni’s studio in Auburn CA

Teacher: Marijo Taylor of Eugene, Oregon

For information and sign-ups please go to: 

Spring 2017 Workshop with Marijo Taylor May 5-6 2017


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Rug Hooking Blogs

I am continually amazed at how grateful I am to be part of the rug hooking community.  We may be a relatively small “pond,” but we are so united in our love for hooked rugs.  I am energized when I get together with other rug hookers and am able to collaborate with them.  I often work on projects alone and find that I seem to “need” the community to inspire me.  I recently returned from the Puget Sound Rug School where I worked with the guidance of Sara Judith, our teacher, and a roomful of rug hookers who delighted in each other’s work.  It is very satisfying to be part of this wonderful community.

Today when I was looking at my Facebook feed, I ran across a post that led me to a blog I hadn’t seen before by a Region 12, New Mexico rug hooker named Laura Salamy (  Check it out to see what’s happening in New Mexico and to see Laura’s posts.

If you know of websites or blogs that may be of interest to our community, please share it in comments below.

Puget Sound Rug School Project 2017

Projects hooked at PSRS 2017–special stitches sampler, T-shirt mat, reposse, and beginning of hat mats.  

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Biennial Registration Reminder


The new registration date for the 2017 ATHA Biennial will be held on Saturday, February 25th at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

For more information and the class schedule, please go to the ATHA Website.



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