Updater #11

Earlier today, I sent out the ATHA Region 12 Updater #11.    My apologies to new ATHA member Arbis Deane who I mistakenly called Diane Ardis.  

In the Updater I talked about the name change for the ATHA Newsletter.  The Board of Directors collected suggested names from ATHA’s membership and is asking us to vote for our favorite from the 8 most popular suggestions.  I thought this might be an opportunity for members who have a preference to comment here on this website with their reasoning.  I like several of the names and can think of pros and cons for each.  I guess I would like to hear other peoples’ opinions to help me make up my mind.  There may be others who are “sitting on the fence” and would appreciate hearing from people who have a preference.

The 8 choices are:

1. ATHA Chronicle
2. ATHA Woolworks Journal
3. ATHA Journal
4. ATHA Fiber Arts Journal
5. ATHA—The Art of Rug Hooking
6. ATHA Magazine
7. ATHA Rug Artist’s Bimonthly
8. ATHA Rug Hooker’s Companion

If you have a preference, leave a comment at the end of this post.


About GailB

ATHA Region 12 Website is a place for members to communicate with each other. Please contact me with any information that you want added (this could be about upcoming events or personal items). Let me know if you want me to add your Website or Blog to the links.
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4 Responses to Updater #11

  1. Treva Dornaus says:

    I like ATHA Magazine, as like many other Hookers in my Chapter, already call it.

  2. B says:

    #6, ATHA Magazine. Simple, to the point.

  3. gene1953 says:

    I like #6 ATHA Magazine. Maybe not so splashy as other names but, in effect, what most people usually call it and, when forgetting any new name that might be chosen, will probably revert to anyway. I can live with anything but, since you asked, that is what I voted for. Short – sweet – clear – easy to remember. Gene Shepherd

  4. Nancy Ann Harris says:

    Sounds better … two syllables each word

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