New Improved ATHA Website is Up and Running

Hello Region 12 Members,

I am very pleased to announce that our NEW and IMPROVED ATHA Website ( is up and running.  If your email address is correct in our main database you should have already received this information.  If you have a problem logging in, please email Lisanne Miller at  



About GailB

ATHA Region 12 Website is a place for members to communicate with each other. Please contact me with any information that you want added (this could be about upcoming events or personal items). Let me know if you want me to add your Website or Blog to the links.
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2 Responses to New Improved ATHA Website is Up and Running

  1. Nada Ferris says:

    Gail, Website does not have a location to contact anyone w/a problem logging in. There is no place, either, to register in case the new website tossed the info from the old site. Nada

    • GailB says:

      Hi Nada,
      You need to contact Lisanne Miller with any problems concerning ATHA’s new website. I’ll forward your comments to her. Did your info get tossed?

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