Fall Update

Hello Region 12,

It finally feels like fall here in the Central Valley.  We’ve been having weather in the 70’s and 80’s and today it dropped to the 60’s–just in time for Thanksgiving.

I’ve added a new menu item under About ATHA.  It is Handbook for Chapters and I encourage everyone to read it.  It contains a short history of ATHA, goals of the association, how ATHA is organized, how regions fit into the goals of ATHA, what a Chapter needs to know, and how to dissolve a Chapter.

After reading it, please let me know if you have any ideas for improving communication in our geographically large region.  I am especially interested in ideas encouraging the flow of information between Chapters and larger areas.  For example, I attended one Harvest Day rug hooking event, but I know there were several others.  I would love to post photos and/or descriptions of your events.

Would you like to have visitors from outside your area attend your events?  If so, let us know what’s happening.


Play Hooky in Cleveland, October 11 thru 14, 2017

It’s time to reserve your rooms for the Biennial.  Call the Holiday Inn 216-524-8050 for room reservations.  Mention ATHA 2017 Biennial to get the special room rate of $99.00+tax, per night.  

Registration will begin online Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 9:00 am.  Register early to get into the classes you want.

ATHA Art of Rug Hooking

Be sure and check the label on your ATHA Art of Rug Hooking magazine.  It will have the month that your membership is due.  You don’t want to miss any issues of this fantastic magazine–a big shout out to the editor, Cheryl Bollenbach, who does an incredible job of putting together so much information for us.

The October/November 2016 issue has the list and description of classes available at the Biennial.  Be sure and check these out!  Two Region 12 teachers are teaching at the Biennial, Dianne Tobias, After Hooking Comes the Braiding, and Gene Shepherd, Dump Dye Rooster.

Items of Interest

Alla La Grave, from S. San Francisco wrote an article for the ATHA magazine describing her journey into rug hooking with photos of rugs she hooked for her kitchen windows.  It is an interesting read (p 30, Oct/Nov 2016).

Sandy Katulak (ATHA Insurance Liaison) wrote an article entitled Understanding Your ATHA Insurance–a must read for anyone planning an event (p 44-45, Oct/Nov 2016).

One of our new ATHA members, Lynn Kelley-Piper, (California First Chapter, Redlands, CA), sent me a photo of her second rug in progress, Mr. Rooster.  Thank you Lynn–he’s a beauty.

Lynn Kelley-Piper's 2nd rug, in progress.

Lynn Kelley-Piper’s 2nd rug, in progress.

My ATHA guild, Wool Poppies, Central California, vended at the Wine Country’s Harvest Hook-in.  We were selling wool for $7 a grocery bag or $4 a pound.  Needless to say, we had a great time and sold some wool.

Cai King, Debbie Clement, Gail Becker, and Tess Singh selling wool by the bag or pound!

Cai King, Debbie Clement, Gail Becker, and Tess Singh selling wool by the bag or pound!

I would love to show more photos of your rugs or events.  


About GailB

ATHA Region 12 Website is a place for members to communicate with each other. Please contact me with any information that you want added (this could be about upcoming events or personal items). Let me know if you want me to add your Website or Blog to the links.
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