Caswell Impressions Rug Show

Hooker Hill Rug Retreat 2017 is proud to announce the Caswell Impressions Rug Show.  The Caswell Carpet is an embroidered carpet made by Zeruah Higley Guernsey Caswell in 1835, which resides in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.  Laura Pierce, from Petaluma, California, drew by hand each and every block in the Caswell Carpet and transferred these drawings to linen backing and then gave them to rug hookers to finish in any way that pleased them (78 in all).    Many of ATHA Region 12 members had the opportunity to hook one of these mats.   The Caswell Impressions Rugs will be making their first East Coast appearance at Sauder Village in August and their first West Coast appearance at HHRR in Oakhurst, California, July 17 and 19.

Resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

Embroidered carpet made by Zeruah Higley Guernsey Caswell in 1835.

Caswell Impressions book, written by Laura Pierce, 2017.

You are cordially invited to come to a public showing of these magnificent mats at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat in Oakhurst, California.
Oakhurst, California is located 15 miles from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park.  The Park is enjoying one of its most bountiful waterfall years and is worth a visit.  Tag on a visit to Oakhurst on either end of your Yosemite trip.  It will be worth it to see this impressive rug show.

Caswell Impressions Rug Show 

Public Viewing

Where:  Barton Room, ECCO Conference Center, 43803 Highway 41, Oakhurst, CA


Monday, July 17, 2017, 2 to 4:00 PM

Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 3 to 5 PM

I hope to see you there!


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5 Responses to Caswell Impressions Rug Show

  1. oldgranolagirl says:

    Will the Caswell blocks be available for purchase later if we would like to hook them?

    • GailB says:

      Laura says that all the patterns are available…

      “I make ’em to order; on linen $42 & up, on paper $20 & up.
      I’ll bring my catalog and happily take orders.”
      Laura Pierce

  2. laurawp says:

    Fantastic! thanks for okaying the West Coast Showing! at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat!
    This will be one of two complete shows of the Caswell Impressions. After Sauder Village, I’ll be sending the rugs home to their makers. It’s been a great project and I’m grateful for all the support and enthusiasm… Cheers!

  3. Sandra Grasso says:

    It’s a great year of coincidences — first year at the rugcamp and an opportunity of a lifetime to see the magnificent adaptations in rughooking of the Caswell carpet. Lucky me — Sandra Grasso

    • GailB says:

      Hi Sandra, There will be a special showing for all attendees during camp with Laura talking about the pieces. I’m very excited about this too. See you soon,

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