About ATHA

ATHA (Association of Traditional Hooking Artists) is a nonprofit organization, an international OPEN guild of rug hookers–students, teachers, designers and distributors–all with the same aims:

To stimulate interest in the art of traditional rug hooking,
To share information and ideas about the art of rug hooking, and
To promote educational activities that will ugrade and improve the quality of rug hooking.


1 Response to About ATHA

  1. Elizabeth B. Bolen says:

    If it were my choice I would have to narrow it down to either: #1 Chronicle, #2. Journal or #6. Magazine. All other entries seem inaccurate in that ATHA is about “Traditional Hooking”. Not specifically “rugs” (that eliminates #5, 7, and 8). Some of us are incorporating more than wool in our creations, however I think that to say we are about “Fiber Arts” would be a bit much because wool is our mainstay. Out of the three that could apply – I think “Chronicle” is best because it means to write down historical or other events, to narrate and keep record of happenings.

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