The 12 Challenge Finished Mats

The first mat received was hooked and designed by Laura Pierce.  It is called “12 Shades of Yellow.”

12 Shades of Yellow

Hooked and designed by Laura Pierce, Petaluma, CA 12 x 12″


“12 Tumbling Blocks,” hooked and designed by Gail Becker from Turlock, CA

Hooked and designed by Gail Becker

Hooked and designed by Gail Becker , 12 x 12″ on linen

I love the 3-dimensional quality of the tumbling block quilt block.  I drew 12 blocks (for the 12 challenge and made the size 12×12″) and some very small blocks that appear farther away in distance.  This was a great learning experience for me.  Because I randomly drew the blocks, no block is on the straight of the grain.  Because of this, my blocks are kitty wampus.  If I had drawn each block with 3 straight lines on the grain, I would not have had this problem.


Marie Bresch from Carson City, NV, designed a mat featuring the number 12 and the 5 states in our Region.  The number 12 is sculpted while the background for the crisscrossed Region is hooked in  reverse stitch, creating a high-low effect that emphasizes the number 12.

Hooked and designed by D. Marie Bresch

Hooked and designed by D. Marie Bresch


“Where In The World is Debbie?” is the mat designed by Debbie Clement from Clovis, CA.

Hooked and designed by Debbie Clement

Hooked and designed by Debbie Clement  12 x 12″ on Monks Cloth

We love to travel. Hooking the flags of some of the countries we have visited is a great way to have a practical and visual memento all in one square foot.   Researching the flags is also a really fun world history lesson. I hope this is the first in a series of flag mementos. And yes, I can name the country each flag represents!


“12 Hues Plus One Shade of Gray”  hooked and designed by Barbara Larson from Newbury Park, CA

12 Hues Plus One Shade of Gray

Hooked and designed by Barbara Larsen, Newbury Park, CA


This was a great project for experiencing how colors interact. I came across issues of hue, value, brightness, and saturation (not all resolved to my complete satisfaction). One key lesson was that specific constraints on the colors for one’s rug will greatly complicate the acquisition of wool.



Hooked and designed by Cathy Kelly, 12 x 12″



“Carnuel to Albuquerque,” by Cathy Kelly, Tijeras, NM.

This is a view of a sculpture aside the road on Route 66; just as  Albuquerque is coming into view ahead of you. The sculpture is lit at night with changing colors. It is a favorite piece and place on the road to “town.”

Cathy is a member of two Region 12 guilds:  Adobe Wool Arts Guild in NM and WCRH in CA. The mat is 12 inches square (unfinished)–slightly bigger now that it is finished and represents A piece of Route 66 (6 and 6 =12). It was part of a local show (last November) highlighting places along the Mother Road here in New Mexico.




4 Responses to The 12 Challenge Finished Mats

  1. laurawp says:

    hey! these ’12’ rugs are great!

  2. GailB says:

    Thanks, Laura…this mat was a technical “challenge.” All lines are on the diagonal, so there are no vertical or horizontal lines to help anchor my blocks. The shapes are pretty kitty wompuss, but they still convey an optical illusion.

  3. laurawp says:

    WOW! love your tumbling blocks… they’re out in space… great depth!!

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