Updater #13, Jan/Feb/Mar 2015


ATHA Region 12

Updater #13

Jan/Feb/Mar 2015

From your Regional Rep:  Gail Becker



I hope you have all received your April/May ATHA Art of Rug Hooking magazine. It is chock full of hit or miss rugs submitted by Region. On page 18, you will find hit or miss rugs from Region 12. I don’t know where I was when the call came out for submitting photos of hit or miss rugs; I must have been asleep at the wheel as the saying goes. Therefore, I am posting some photos of my hit or miss rugs on the Region 12 website and invite you to send me photos of your hit or miss rugs to add to our website. We all need more eye candy!

The next issue of ATHA Art of Rug Hooking will feature wedding rugs. If you have hooked a wedding rug, please email photos to Joan Cahill, Assistant Editor at ATHAnews@aol.com. NOTE: THE DEADLINE IS APRIL 1, 2015.

The magazine also featured Oh My Stars! Mats submitted for the Biennial challenge (pg 62-63). There’s still time to hook an Oh My Stars! Mat. The deadline to mail your mat is August 15, 2015. So there’s plenty of time to hook a mat. These mats will be displayed at the Biennial in San Antonio and you have the option of donating your mat to be auctioned at the Biennial. It is a wonderful way to contribute to ATHA.

Speaking of challenges….six mats were hooked for our Region 12 challenge. To see these mats go to the Region 12 website and click on The 12 Challenge Finished Mats. To those of you who participated, we have been invited by Cathy Kelly to display our mats at the New Mexico Fiber Arts Fiesta, May 21-23, 2015. I’ll be contacting each of you with information on where to mail your mats. And, thank you for hooking a 12 Challenge Mat.

We have several rug camps that take place yearly in Region 12. I’m posting photos from some of these camps. If you have photos from events in region, please send them to me for inclusion in the next Updater.


Tanya Grayam and Brigitta Phy teaching at Little River Inn Rug Camp, November 2014.

Tanya Graham teaching at LRI

Tanya Graham teaching at LRI


Gita teaching at LRI

Gita teaching at LRI

Brigitta Phy teaching at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat July 2014.

Gitta teaching at HHRR, 2014

Gita teaching at HHRR, 2014


 August 15, 2015, is the deadline for submitting an Oh My Stars challenge mat for the ATHA Biennial, San Antonio. Go to http://www.atharugs.com/biennial_2015.php to read all the details.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage Region 12 members to send in articles for publication in the ATHA Newsletter. Your article can be about Chapter events, rugs that you’ve hooked, or how-to articles. Additionally, the Editor has put out a call for photos for specific editions.

June/July 2015 issue, Wedding Rugs, deadline Apr 1, 2015

Aug/Sept 2015 issue, Tote Bags, deadline June 1, 2015

Dec/Jan 2016 issue, Dummy Boards, deadline Oct. 1, 2015

For these issues you do not even have to write an article, just a short paragraph that includes details of your photo (pattern name, designer, cut sizes, and material used). Please send high-resolution photos.

I know we have a lot of these types of rugs that we have already hooked. Let’s see how many Region 12 rugs we can get published in the newsletter.

As the Region 12 Rep, I receive a list of lapsed ATHA members. In most cases, these are members who have just forgotten to send in their yearly membership. I will send a gentle reminder to them and to their Chapter President. To prevent not receiving your ATHA Newsletter, check your Newsletter cover for your renewal month. Please see the ATHA website for information on how to renew your membership. www.atharugs.com

I also receive a monthly report of new Chapter 12 ATHA members. Please join me in welcoming our new members and rejoining members. If they’re close by, please invite them to your ATHA group.

***New and/or returning ATHA members***

Beth Carlson, Chandler AZ                     egcarlson@cox.net

Susan Cleaves, Whittier, CA                   hollysue11@verizon.net

Pam Furry, Huntington Beach, CA        pgbfurry@gmail.com

Honey Housley, Roseville,CA

Carolyn Homa, Oro Valley, AZ               meseaglass@gmail.com

Margaret Knapp, Clements, CA              peggknapp@yahoo.com

Susan Marks, Tucson, AZ                      sdmarks17@earthlink.net

Nancy Hunnicutt, Sebastopol, CA

Eliza Karpook, Twin Peaks, CA              lizakarpook@yahoo.com

David Price, San Jose, CA                      dprice1070@yahoo.com

Arielle Rose, Oxnard, CA

Ellen Steiger, Ben Lomond, CA              52cherryelle@gmail.com

Dia Sunset, Davis, CA                            albionsunset@gmail.com

Wendy Webstere, Tucson, AZ                tapweaver@aol.com

Lolly Golden, Santa Cruz, CA                 lollybb79@gmail.com

Melvin Isaac, Phoenix, AZ                      ro7130@q.com

Roni Whelan, Irvine, CA

For real-time information on events in Region 12, please go to www.ATHAregion12.wordpress.com and then, click on Follow to automatically receive updates that are posted to the website.

I only have a few events listed on the Coming Events in ATHA Region 12 website page. I know there must be more events that could be listed. Please email your coming events to me to be included on the website.

Thank you.




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